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JM Bergthorson

Jeff Bergthorson

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Ph.D. in Aeronautics, California Institute of Technology, 2005
M.Sc. in Aeronautics, California Institute of Technology, 2000
B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Manitoba, 1999

Curriculum vitae

Phone: 514.398.2003
Fax: 514.398.7365

Office: Rm. 157, Macdonald Engineering Building

Group Photos
In the MacDonald Engineering atrium, August 2013

On the steps of the Macdonald-Stewart Library, McGill University, November 2011

Taken at the Spring Technical Meeting of the Combustion Institute - Canadian Section
in Ottawa, Ontario, May 2010

Postdoctoral Scholars
Graeme Watson

Yinon Yavor

Graduate Students

Farzam Fotovat - Ph.D. student
Thesis title: "Hydrodynamics of biomass in fluidized beds."

George Gauthier - Ph.D. student
Thesis title: "Combustion in heat-recirculating burners for efficient and clean power production."

Philippe Julien - Ph.D. student
Thesis title: "Flame structure and propagation mechanism in combustible dust clouds."

Sean Salusbury - Ph.D. student
Thesis title: "Experiments in enriched and diluted turbulent premixed counter-flow flames."

Mike Soo - Ph.D. student
Thesis title: "Laser diagnostics and dust clouds."

Philippe Versailles- Ph.D. student
Thesis title: "Experimental and numerical study of plasma-assisted combustion at gas turbine relevant conditions."


Jeffrey Munzar - M.Eng. student
Thesis title: "Experimental characterization of the emission and combustion properties of industrially-relevant biofuels."

Ahmed Zia - M.Eng. student
Thesis title: "Experimental and numerical simulation of extinction limits of Jet-A1/bio fuel blends and pure surrogate components in laminar nNon-premixed flows."

Undergraduate Students

Jan Palecka - Honours thesis student
Thesis title: "Apparatus for quenching distance measurements of flames is hybrid fuel mixtures."

Former Students

Benjamin Akih-Kumgeh - Ph.D. student and Postdoctoral Scholar

Gregory Chung - M.Eng. student
Thesis title: "Planar laser-induced fluorescence of nitric oxide in isomeric butanol and butane stagnation flames."

Brad Denman - M.Eng. student

Bryan Fishbein - M.Eng. student
Thesis title: "Flame propagation of jet fuel surrogate compounds"

K. Emilio Noorani - M.Eng. student
Thesis title: "Alcohol ignition properties"

Christopher Jackson - Honours thesis student

Gyu-Hyeong Lim - Honours thesis student
Thesis title: "Methodology development and validation for sodium line reversal temperature measurement."

Jennifer Sidey - Honours thesis student
Thesis title: "Metal-water reactions for hydrogen production."


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